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July 28, 2014

Unique Design Accessories from Uno de 50

 Hi readers!

   I love adding accessories with my outfit, I think one style is incomplete without it.  I preferred unique and stylish accessories in silver, leather, pearls and with precious stones jewelries. Uno de 50 store offers unique and distinctive style jewelries, authentic for its creativity and 100% handcrafted "Made in Spain" production process.

   Uno de 50 was founded in the late 1990s by a group of designers who resolved to establish a brand of fashion jewelry and accessories that would break all existing moulds. The brand started out with the original and exclusive philosophy of creating only 50 units of each design, thereby supplying the trademark name. (ref.1)  

   I visited Uno de 50 branch in SM Mall of Asia (one of my favorite mall ^_^). My sight switched to one corner to another while exploring their store, I'm in love with their handcrafted jewelries. 

I love the vintage look of Uno de 50 watch.
I like the dragonfly necklace ^_^
More necklace.
Ring. Metal and precious stones.
Beautiful ^_^
 From these display, bracelet start from P 3,000++  and beside the counter display they have P 2,000++
Special crafted bracelets to help people affected by the Rett Syndrome.
Price around P 2,000 plus
I got this bracelet  ^_^
New arm candy  ^_^

Thank you very much SM Mall of Asia and Uno de 50 ^_^. Thanks also to the friendly staff of Uno de 50 specially Ms. Joanna (hope I spelled it right).

You can visit Uno de 50 stores in:
2nd Floor / SM Mall of Asia-Main Mall
2nd Floor / SM Aura  Premier
3rd Floor / SM Megamall-Mega Fashion Hall

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ref.1 - History of Uno de 50  - Uno de 50 site 


  1. what a lovely entry
    and amazing jewellry <3
    love it

    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

    1. Thanks Amely, Thanks for dropping by ^_^