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July 13, 2016

Imagine You and Me is now showing!

Hi readers!

The much-awaited movie of the phenomenal love team opens today
Imagine You and Me
Starring: Alden Richards (Andrew)  and Maine Mendoza (Gara)

Synopsis: Gara is a hardworking but bubbly OFW who still believes in destiny, romance, and true love, while the brooding Andrew is a guy who is simply too practical and jaded to believe in the rambles of fate. Would a seeming incompatibility keep them apart, or prove the theory that opposites do attracts? How can Gara's faith in destiny and Andrew's indifference towards relationship help them understand and see love in a different way? 

Movie trailer:

The Making

Now showing nationwide:

Metro Manila

Film produced by:
APT Entertainment, GMA Film and M-Zet TV Production Inc. 

Guys, tara na nood tayo !!!

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July 12, 2016

AlDub Tops the list of Yes! 100 Most Beautiful Stars 2016

Hi readers!

 Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza or also known as AlDub were declared as Yes! Magazine's Most Beautiful Stars for 2016. 
Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza on the cover of
Yes! Magazine 100 Most Beautiful Star 2016
Photo from: Yes! Magazine - photograph by: Mark Nicdao

Video credit to: AlDub Nation Youtube account

   Yes! Magazine and editor-in-chief Ms. Jo-Ann Maglipon, explained why they chose Alden and Maine, and according to her, "Because I don't think there's anyway that you can say that they are not the most beautiful". She also added: "At this time, I think they are the hottest and the most sought-after."

Maine and Alden shared how they define beautiful:

Maine: "For me being beautiful is not about the physical appearance at all".  She added, "Its more on what is inside. If you are a good person, if you're a genuine person , if you have good intentions - yun po yung definition ng beautiful for me"

Alden: "You're a beautiful person if you are able to establish relationships that are worth your while"

Maine posted this in her twitter account

Grab your copy of Yes! 100 Most Beautiful Stars 2016

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Photo1: Yes!Mag
Video: Aldub Nation YT
Ref. 1:
Ref.2 :

July 11, 2016

Imagine You and Me Movie Soundtrack is now available on iTunes

Hi readers!

   While composing this blog, I'm listening right now with my current favorite song, the "Imagine You and Me" by Maine Mendoza. 

   Imagine You and Me is the official soundtrack of  the upcoming movie of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards (or also known as AlDub). Imagine You and Me soundtrack was released last July 8, 2016 on iTunes PH store and after the released it tops the iTunes Philippine charts. 

 Imagine You and Me (Original Motion Picture Sountrack) - Single:
 1.) Imagine You and Me (Version 1) - Maine Mendoza
 2.) Imagine You and Me (Version 2) - duet version with Alden Richards
 3.) Imagine You and Me (Backing Track) 

Inserting my personal story:

I like Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards very much (just check my twitter account for evidences ^_^  Yup I admit it! I'm an AlDub fan (actually big fan ^_^ ) So, if there's new magazines available about them, I will definitely buy it right away (insert excited face)  I love checking news about them; then I read that they already released the Imagine Me and You soundtrack on iTunes, I check it right away. Too bad, my iTunes account was set to the US store, I waited for 24 hours just to have my own copy, but afterwards I'm so happy I got it  ^_^

 Imagine You and Me (Original Motion Picture Sountrack) - Single
Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards
3 Songs - Released 8 Jul 2016
$ 2.99 / $ 1.29 per song
And now, I enjoyed listening and played it all-over again ^_^

A little trivia: 

   Maine actually composed this first as a poem. She compose it in just 15 minutes and wrote it from the heart (in love? ^_^ )

Lyrics :

Imagine You and Me
All my life I was dreaming
All my life I was searching
All my life I was seeking
For someone I can truly call my own
Then you arrived all of a sudden
Without a warning, it was you that I saw
Without a warning, it was you who came
You came right when I didn't  know what to say
It would be nice to have you in my life
Would there be a chance for you to give it a try
It would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me, together ETERNALLY.
You could have been lost, but here you're saved
Don't you ever go astray
What I would give to make you feel okay
I would gladly give it all away
It would be nice to have you in my life
Would there be a chance for you to give it a try
It would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me, together ETERNALLY.
And I hope you see that I would love to love you
Imagine you and me 
I have waited my whole life just to meet you
And now that you are here I don't think I could lose you
This would be the best day of our lives
Imagine you and me, together eternally
Imagine you and me, together eternally ...

Lyrics compose by: Nicomaine "Maine"Mendoza
Music by: Marvic "Vic" Sotto
Arranged by: Jimmy Antiporda

Copyright own by: APT Entertainment / GMA Records

The soundtrack is also now available on Spotify

Movie (I'll blog more info soon):

guys please watch ^_^

Imagine You and Me
Showing starting on July 13, 2016
in Cinemas Nationwide
*also available in International screening
info will be post soon

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February 28, 2016

Coca-Cola Taste The Feeling Festival

Event: Coca-Cola Taste The Feeling Festival
Date: February 27, 2016
Venue: Circuit Makati Event Grounds

I enjoyed yesterday events of Coca-cola. The event was hosted by Myx VJ/host - Chino Pio and Radio DJ- Joyce Pring. I dropped by the event late afternoon and I enjoyed the music of Up Dharma Down, Autotelic, Cheats Band and more. The Philippine All Star dancers also perform on the stage.

UP Dharma Down
hashtag  #tastethefeeling 

The event was hosted by Joyce Pring (in this photo) and Chino Pio 
Autotelic Band
Hello  Jim and Saab (Cheats Band)

And finally, Alden Richards the new Coke Ambassador came out and sang 2 songs from his album "Wish I May". The half of the ALDUB love team. The Pambansang Bae that captured the heart of many people. I confess that I'm an Aldub fan (you can check my tweeter account ^_^) I admired Alden and Maine for their talents, for their pure heart, for always being grateful for their blessings. 

The event was fun, full of activities and music.
Thanks Coca-cola!

Canon Camera

Glenn Encinares

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February 15, 2016

Valentines (2016)

   How's your Valentine Day? Well, if you're going to ask me, my only answer is "Oh! thanks God for the rest day". Ano ba ang ginawa ko sa maghapon ng February 14, 2016? I slept, ate, watched tv, checked my social media accounts (my fingers have no rest day ^_^ ) 

  In a year, there's 1 (read: special) day that we call Valentines day. A day not only for couples but you can also celebrate it with your family and friends. Just like Christmas you can celebrate Valentines any time of the year (read: kahit everyday pa, lalo na sa in-love :). For the single(s), just be happy, love can also be find not only with the opposite sex, but you can also find it thru the people around you like I've mention with your family and friends. Do not hurry for love or for a relationship, it will come in God's perfect time

   Now back to my Valentines day, did I receive something special today? I will just leave the photo below ^_^

Purple Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!

"We loved with a love that was more than love"
-Edgar Allan Poe, Annabel Lee

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