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About Me

Hi welcome to my blog!

    About Me
  • I'm a Filipina  
  • Graduate of Business Administration major in Management (in a catholic school located in Manila)
  • I live in Makati City, Philippines.
  • Eldest sibling
  • Chocolate Lover
  • Fashion Observer.
  • I love photography
  • I love to travel and explore places.
Blogging History:  
     My blogging experienced started way back 2005. My first account was under Multiply I handled "Glenn Live Journal". Most of my blogs were about my travels, and reviews. Until the year 2010 I switched to blogspot (very friendly user) and I titled this as "Gencified". I got the title from  combinations of my name G for Glenn, enci for my surname Encinares, fied from the word classified-- Gencified is all about the melange of things I enjoyed doing like review of makeup and  products, shariung about events, fashion, food, travel, photography and more. I  enjoyed writing or documenting things. Since I was a kid I like writing things on my diary.

   This is one area in the Cyberspace where I share every thing from my personal experienced, ideas, reviews, advice, lessons and events in my life. Let me as say, I created this for all of us to enjoy :)

   Happy Reading!!!

You can e-mail me at: