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January 12, 2014

Marlon Stockinger Fans Day

Hi readers!

   If you read my blogs you will know how much I'm a huge fan of Mr. Marlon Stockinger (you can read my post here and here).  Marlon Alexander Stockinger is a Filipino-Swiss racing driver. He won in GP3 series of 2012 in Monaco and now, he is the first-ever Filipino F1 driver. 

   Yesterday, I attended Marlon's Fans Day at Greenbelt Park. It was an awesome event, I enjoyed it a lot (I know the other attendees enjoyed it too ^_^).  I'm going to share with you some of my photos (scroll down ^_^)

Photo from source
Event: Marlon Stockinger Fans Day!
Venue:  Greenbelt Park, Greenbelt 3
Date: January 11, 2014
Theme:  Fans Day

The fans (I took this shot while waiting for Marlon)
When he arrived. 
 Ladies were shuddered in delight when they saw Marlon ^_^
(Who wouldn't be ticked pink upon laying eyes on Marlon? ^_^  )
Presscon before the event. 
Question and Answer portion.
 She asked the first question (one who holds the mic.)
The man standing from her right side is Mr. James, he hosted the event.  
He also hosted the Manila Speed Show event last year. 

This lady asked Marlon a (the toughest) question, " Can you be my baby?" (everybody laughed)
But If I were the Lady, I'll ask Marlon " Can you be my husband?" --- just kidding ^_^
And later that day, she was interviewed by Mr. Mark Zambrano, a GMA reporter
Marlon meets Marlon. He asked about racing.
This girl gave Marlon a book (I can't recall the book title)
Lucky girl! Next fans day I'll bring a library ^_^
Here are some questions asked to Marlon:
Favorite Racer of all time:  Schumacher
Favorite Circuit: Monaco
Favorite F1 racer: Kimi  (Kimi Raikkonen)
Favorite dish to cook with: Sinigang

Mr. Marlon Stockinger
He's not only talented and good looking guy but his also a very humble person ^_^
During the Q&A game, I won a TIMEX watch from Petronas
(now I'm the Lucky girl ^_^ )

Not only the girls like Marlon, boys admired this F1 driver too
Nice meeting these two lovely siblings, Cez and her sister.
Thank you Cez :)
I took home these souvenirs: a towel with Lotus F1 Junior Logo, Marlons picture with his sign and the Timex watch. 
Thank you very much Petronas and Marlon ^_^

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please spread Marlon's social media accounts and let us help him reach 1 million followers ^_^

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