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January 24, 2013

Jerome Lorico for Alexander McQueen

Hi readers!

   Our very own fashion designer Jerome Lorico is now part of Alexander Mc Queen's design team. Jerome was appointed as the new design apprentice for the menswear line.  Jerome's collection known for mix of urban and modern designs.

Jerome Lorico
Photo from source.
"What inspires you?"

"My journey as a young designer is a continuous struggle. And this I believe challenges me to just push the boundaries. Nobody knows his limit until he feels his face flat on a wall. But amidst that, we all know that a wall can still be climbed or hammered down. So I guess what inspires me is the idea that opportunities, ideas, and dreams expand as long as we keep on searching for them. The only limit is the one that we create."

- Jerome Lorico
During an interview about his apprenticeship with McQueen
From source 

Sample creation of Jerome Lorico.
Photo from source

Credits to:
1. Style Bible.PH
2. Status Mag Online
3. Carlos Concepcion blog for the last photo

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