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January 22, 2013

My 2013 Planner

Hi readers!

My 2013 Planner

Black cover page. The title is Lovely Diary, even it's a diary I'll still use this as my planner. 
Monthly plan and reminder.
Daily Note
more note space
Cash page. For tracking of cash and expenses. 
   I posted this late, this post was on my dashboard since December, 2012, I forgot to publish this. There're still many entries on my dashboard that are not yet publish hope I have time to review and finish it soon. 

   Last year, I was using a Belle de Jour planner, this year I decided to use the one that I can comfortably carry anywhere. I found Belle de Jour too bulky (I end using it as a diary instead of a planner).  But there's also a good side of having a Belle de Jour planner it helps you to be motivated and keep the positive side. Every time I feel confused I just re-read the positive notes written inside the Belle de Jour.  Thank you Belle de Jour :)

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