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September 30, 2011

4 days of drinking Jollibee University Floats

Hi Readers!

     One good thing in living the city is the advantage of accessibility in any establishment like fast food. Jollibee is just walking distance from our place, so every time we crave for fries, chicken joy and sundae we will just drop by, take out order and enjoy the food at home. This week my brother and I enjoyed the 4 flavors of Jollibee University Floats. Every day we drop by the store in pick one flavor, we drink this either after meal or just for snack.  

Above: Red Watermelon and Yellow Dalandan
Below: Blue Bubble Gum and Green Apple
Red - of all the University Float this one is my favorite. I like the flavor of watermelon.
Yellow - yellow float for Dalandan flavor
Blue - blue float taste like bubble gum. For me this float is much sweeter than the other.
Green - green float for Apple flavor. Second to watermelon I also like this flavor.

Jollibee University Float is flavored drink top with vanilla sundae plus loaded with lots of cube ice to make this float more refreshing. At a friendly price of P28.00 (regular) P38.00 giant size.

So, what is your favorite Jollibee University Float?

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