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October 1, 2011

Review: Ponds White Beauty Naturals Day Cream

Hi readers!

    My features of the day is the Ponds white beauty natural day cream with Camellia leaf extract. Actually I already finished this sachet last week but I was too lazy to blog my review. Here's my short review for this product:

What the packaging says:
After years of research, New Ponds white beauty natural Day Cream, containing extraordinary Camellia Leaf Extract, is specially formulated to give you long lasting clear, healthy whiter skin. Multiple Range UV Protection, gentle, Dermatologist tested.

Use every morning after cleansing your skin. Smooth cream over entire face with your fingertips. For better results, use with Pond's white beauty natural Gentle Exfoliating Foam and Night Cream.

The wonder of the Camellia Leaf:
     Known to be found in the foothills of the Himalayas, this precious extract contains powerful natural antioxidants that fight against the cause of skin darkening.

Pros (what I like):
  • Light moisturizer
  • I like the packaging, very handy, you can carry it anywhere without worrying it will spill
  • Affordable cost around P20 plus (depend where you buy it, in some supermarket it cost P20 pesos while in drugstore it cost P20 plus)
  • I didn't experience any breakouts unlike when I used Ponds pinkish white glow I got pimples :(
  • Maybe for some scent is annoying, but for me I like it.
Cons (what I don't like):
  • The facial cream is scented, may irritate some people who have sensitive skin
  • Does not whiten my face. After weeks of used I did not notice any changes in my skin except it only help moisturize my skin.
Final Recommendation:

     If you are after whitening I think I'll advise you to look for the other product as I said my skin does not change but this product is a good cream that helps moisturize skin plus they added natural ingredients. 


  1. I wish olay can package in this type of sachet too. Para I can try many of their products.

  2. This is so helpful! Thank you for this review. I think I will skip on purchasing this.

    Thanks girl,

  3. hi..nice blog...can we exchange link..i hope you can add my blog to your blog list..add you also..tell me if you add me..thanks..

  4. Hi Rosamond thank you for dropping by :)

    Hi Arvin I already add you. Your the first guy who followed my blog. Thank you very much :) Hope you like this beauty, fashion, lifestyle and current issue blog :)

  5. thx a lot ur blog really helped me cud u tell me the best result oriented fairness cream i m really lookin for somthing dat can get me rid of my dark spots, frekcles, under-eyes, dull and dark skin n my skin is absolutly sensitive n pimple prone

  6. Hi Anonymous thank you for your comment I’m happy that you drop by in my blog :)
    There’s a lot of product that promised of anti-aging, anti-oxidant and whitening but only 2 products that I tried and I’m satisfies with the good result, Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator and VMV Hypoallergenic Illuminants. 1. Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator - not only helps my skin became smooth it also help lessen the dark spot. This product is a light cream (compare to other product that is very sticky and heavy in face) and also didn’t experience any harsh or irritation. A bit pricey but worth it. 2. VMV Hypoallergenic Illuminant – I used VMV Illuminant facial wash and Face-Hand-Body Lotion and I really saw the result on my skin (even my friends notice it). This product not only lightens my face but I saw different glow (my skin look like hydrated). If you read all my blogs you notice I used lot of VMV product (yes I am a loyal user) I have a dry to sensitive skin type and VMV Hypoallergenic offers product that suit to my skin. I never felt any irritation and harsh plus some of their product is unscented. People with sensitive skin sometimes prone to irritation when they use scented product. If you plan to buy beauty product ask the beauty consultant/sales person which product suit to your skin type or test the product on the spot.
    Those products I refer were a bit pricey, there’s a natural way to prevent those problems you’ve mention:
    1. Make sure to apply sunscreen not only when you go out or under the sun but do you know that even indoor light can also add factors that make our skin dark. I suggest Armada they have 30, 45, 60 and even as higher as SPF 70. Or it also better to avoid too much sun exposure especially during 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    2. Everybody always tell this to us, even doctors; Drink at least 8 glass of water. Have you notice if we are dehydrated our skin become dry (and next to dryness is wrinkles 
    3. Get 8 hours of sleep. Our body is like a battery we need to be recharge so that we can get energy, if we have energy we can be productive and get positive vibes plus enough sleep means less under eye problem.
    4. Know how to deal with Stress. Everybody went through unwanted events in their lives (even me). We went to circumstances that produce anxiety, nervous, rigid thinking, sickness; we became sleepless and lot more. The only solutions of stress start within us. It’s how we handle it or it is matter of flight or fight attitude. One part of my life I experienced too much stress that really affect me physically, emotionally and mentally. Physical results were break-outs (pimples), under eye wrinkles and dry skin. That’s why you hear people say “You look stress” – much of the interpretation is you look old or tired. Do you want to hear that? So try to outlook life positively, talk to positive people more (positive attitude is really infectious). No matter what your religion BELIEVE and have FAITH. And no matter how hard things are, learn to SMILE sometimes. Because smiling is the most inexpensive way we became beautiful even we don’t have fair and flawless skin 
    Hope that help again thank you very much for reading my blog :)

  7. i also agree , I used ponds white beauty (pinkish white) day cream...2years na akong nagamit ng product na yun but still wala pa ring nagbago. puro pimples lang binibigay nya, but i agree na kahit itong ginagamit ko is moisturizer lang din.
    thank you for you blog sis :)

  8. Hi azel thanks for the comment. Yes if your after whitening this is not the right product but as a moisturizer this is good one. Glad you like my blog :) please continue reading :) tc

  9. Crackle nail polish
    its better for make your skin beautiful and soft.Pounds really provides good products for beautiful skin.

  10. Thanks for the review. .I agree as a moisturizer this is good one :)