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August 25, 2011

She love playing with my make-up :)

Hi Readers!

     This is the first time I made a video but not actually a tutorial video but a short clip of my niece who love playing my make-up. She's so cute little princess no one teaches her how to use those make-up maybe she's watching me or my sister when ever I applied one. She's only 1 year old, love watching Disney Channel, love to play, love to sing and dance and at the age of 1 year old she's already studying at the Gymboree. She really grow-up fast and I'm very happy she's so talented. Here's the short video :)


  1. Cute kikay kid! My daughter too, when she was only a year old, likes playing with my sister-in-law's makeup.(wala kasi akong make-up, hehe) She'd try to put them on her face just like a big girl. And sometimes when she throws a tantrum, we'll just give her my sis-in-law's make up kit and she'll stop crying!

    You have a very pretty niece!
    Choose Happiness

  2. what an adorable daughter you got there:))

  3. Hi Nuna Thanks for dropping by my Blog :)
    Baby Girls like to start applying make-up at young age :) he!he!he!

    Hi Wickermoss thanks for dropping by in my blog she's not my daughter I'm still single :) She's my niece dear :)

  4. Hi Charry thank you :) and thanks for following my blog :)