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August 25, 2011

Estee Lauder plus new random vanities

Hi Readers!

    I went to Rustan, Makati last Monday to get my sample of new Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator. I'll share my reviews about this product after I finish all the packs but as initial comment after 2 days of used I think this product is wonderful :)

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator
   I also brought Kokuryu Creamy Pat and my new favorite Carmex Lip Balm (I'll share my review in my next post :)

Kokuryu Creamy Pat and Carmex Lip Balm
and I would like to thanks my sister for my new cute candy color watch :) Thanks babe!

♥♥♥ H A P P Y  R E A D I N G!!!♥♥♥

1 comment:

  1. I actually got an email regarding the estee lauder to check out their skin illuminator, but I wasn't able to pick up mine yet.. sigh... been really busy these week cute watch by the way! :) Much Love!