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August 1, 2011

Review: Silka Green Papaya Facial Cleanser

 Hi Readers!

     My FOTD or features of the day is Silka Green Papaya Facial Cleanser. This product was part of my vanity of the month of  June. It has been more than 1 month since I used this product.

The packaging says:
     Silka Green Papaya Facial Cleanser is effectively formulated with Papaya Enzyme extract and Vitamin B3 to help eliminate stubborn skin blemishes and naturally lighten your skin tone. Its pH balanced formula helps restore skin’s natural pH level. With continued use, skin will be visibly fresher and younger looking.

Directions for use:
     Moisten a piece of cotton with Silka Green Papaya Facial Cleanser. Gently apply on face and neck until thoroughly cleansed. May also be use on arms and legs.

     Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 20, Fragrance, Disodium EDTA, Sodium Benzotriazolyl Butylphenol Sulfonate, Buteth-3, Tributyl citrate, CI 19140, CI 42090. Active Ingredients: Carica papaya Extract, Niacinamide.

Pros (What I like):
      1Affordable – only P 21.75 pesos for 75 ml.
      2. After applying, my skin looked fresh or hydrated.
      3. Remove dirt's.

Cons (What I don’t like):

         1. Very Scented – this may irritate someone with sensitive skin.
         2. I experienced mild irritation or itched.
                    1st day of used: slightly irritation and itch.
                    2nd day of used: itchy
                    3rd day of used: skin look fresher or “makinis”
                    4th day of used:  I got pimples.
                    and onward: experience mild irritation but skin look fresher.

       3. My skin doesn't white or I can't see the result I want. As the packaging say it is “Skin Whitening” but as of now after more than 1 month of used I still didn’t get the result or no changes on my skin. My primary objective in buying this product is to have whiter skin.
        4. The scent smells like car freshener 

Will I purchase this again?
     No, I’ll try other product, as I've said I’m looking for a product that helps my skin to achieve a whiter complexion.

After washed my face, I apply Silka Green Papaya Facial Cleanser,  look it remove
stubborn dirt. Good cleanser :) 


  1. I hear you out on this product. its just a very strong astringent. Eskinol and Pond's is better if you ask me! :) Happy Monday!

  2. Hi Alice I'll try Eskinol soon. I'll try na Ponds cream but not yet in the toner so next time I'll review about that also. What kind of Eskinol pala ang nagamit mo na? Happy Monday too :)

  3. Very informative and thank you for sharing! I have to agree with you that natural skin treatments are better for our skin because they generally are safer and does not cause skin irritation. The common misconception most people have about charcoal is that they can cause skin darkening and does not realize the importance and help it can provide for our skin.