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July 29, 2011

FOTD: Kabuki Brush from Landmark

Hi Readers!

     I love collecting make-up brushes; I started buying make-up brushes after I graduated in college or when I was already working. When I was in college I don’t even mind to have one, I only have pressed powder, lipstick (which I rarely used) and baby cologne in my bag. Brushes are also important in applying make-up, it help the evenly distribution of powder, foundation and blushes, for hygiene purpose too, and for complete polished look.

     Last Saturday I went to Landmark in Makati, finally I found Kabuki Brush (in cosmetic section near the escalator). Here’s my review for this brush:

Pro’s (what I like):                                                               

  1.       Good packaging - comes with light brown bristles and black handle. If you purchase this  it comes with transparent container.
  2.     Inexpensive – it only cost P 129.75 pesos or $ 3.00 dollar
  3.         Distributed make-up evenly. (nice coverage)
  4.     No shedding  
  5.     Very smooth – I don’t felt any harsh, very gentle on skin.
  6.         Can use as powder brush or blush brush
  7.     Size fit to any make-up purse.

Con’s (what I don’t like):
     So far none I was really satisfied with this brush

Will I re-purchase this?
     Yes, because not only it is affordable but I was really satisfied how soft the brush is. It was made of synthetic hair. I don’t feel any irritation and it was really gentle on my skin. I also recommend this to you my Readers :)

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  1. great find gen! I'll def drop by landmark next time for this :) my last Kabuki brush gave up on me :)) Much Love!

  2. I'd better recommend this to my girlfriend. :-)

  3. @ Alice Thanks Alice yah try this Kabuki Brush.

    @Noynoy - Hi Noy thanks for dropping. Yes tell this to your GF its a good brush, definitely she'll love this.