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June 24, 2011

Rainy Day Fashion

Hi readers!

     It's raining outside today, another storm hit the Philippines. I know lots of you  stranded yesterday because of the flood , that was really stressful but sometime were just used to that scene. We knew that when rainy seasons came it was always affiliated with a flood. One reason for heavy flooding here in Metro Manila was garbage (it was really a never-ending issue of throwing away waste in the wrong place) Some places in the metro experience high meters of flood even just a small rain and the number one reason some canals and creeks clogs up with garbage. The only solution to minimize the metro flooding start with Discipline...and hope every Filipino have this value.

    This wet season some of you would rather stay home than going outside battling the strong wind, cold and getting wet. Will for me I want to go around and show off my rainy day fashion, today I want to share with you some Rainy Day Outfit...check image below.   

Cute Boots. I love to wear all of that and play with the rain. Very fashionable foot gear

Rainy Day Outfit: Office Attire or Work Attire.
Going to the office like this, you stand out girl :)

Rainy Day Outfit: Casual day out.  
Best when going to the mall or some meet up :)

If you're going to attend formal events and 
its raining this is the best outfit :)

Credit to:
1. Boots pictures - Wedshare daily
2. Image 3 and 4 -

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  1. I love the boots, especially pink one on the top left! :) Pretty!

  2. Hi Jes I also like that actually I love them all. Thanks for dropping by. Happy Rainy Day :)