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June 25, 2011

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hi readers!

     How's your weekend? I have an invitation from Estee Lauder today for the launching of their new lipstick line the Pure Passion in Mall of Asia but I choose to stay home (the weather still unpredictable). Last, last Sunday (I forgot the date) I watched this movie from Thailand which has shown in ABS-CBN channel 2 (channel 10 for our cable network). It reminds me of my teenage day's where I fell in love with my crushes (yes that's plural - means more than one person) and my first love (chessy!). Like in the movie I also did some strategy so that my crush notice me (really crazy little things!). Below is the copy of the movie (tagalog version) which I saw in You Tube.

and now I'm sharing my own version of Crazy little thing called Love.
(The little girl is my niece with her friend Toto)

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  1. pwde na pala full version sa youtube?? wow! and ang cute ng collage sa baba! did you make it?

  2. Glenn, I so love this movie! I can relate also, hehe :DD

  3. I've seen this movie and I'm so in love with it! ^_^ I love the story and how complex the story line is ^_^ too bad you weren't able to go to the Estee Lauder Event. You can check out my blog for the colors and stuff..ang cute nung collage! ^_^

    Much Love!

  4. @ i am certified I love this also actually I watched this over and over again :) thanks for dropping by :)

    @Photoescape thanks for dropping by I'll check your blog :)

  5. Me too!! I watched this for the Nth time already. I suggest you watch Hello Stranger it's a Thai movie also ;)