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February 12, 2011

Mulberry-Girls new best friend!

Hi Readers!

     After reading so many blog in the net, I read lot of post of many women craving for Mulberry bag..same as your blogger I also want to have a Mulberry bag. I read good review about this bag like for having a good leather.  Some International celebrity or Hollywood artist were seen carrying their Mulberry bag. Like the Hermes Birkins fever the Mulberry  is also belong to top label today or a "new must have bag".  Below are some example of Mulberry I like:

Bays Hot Pink Spongy Patent

Piccadilly  (Oak Natural Leather)
Alexa Watermelon Soft Buffalo
Mitzy East West Hobo

     Hope in the future I can also have one of Mulberry bag. It cost thousand of bucks and I can't afford one  for now I will look for a substitute of this bag or a look-a-like (hope to find one...).

For more information about mulberry click the link here
or visit the website :

Readers, How about you? what brand of bag do you like?

No part of this blog was paid for advertisment. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Photo Credits to:
2.) (for sarah jessica parker photo)
3.) (for eva longaria photo)

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