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February 10, 2011

NOTD: Sassy Nail Polish in Aquamarine color

Hi Readers!

     What is your favorite nail color? My nail of the day is one of my favorite nail color the Aquamarine. I love this color because my hand looked like I have fairer or whiter skin or "nakakaputi ang kulay" . The color also look like the same expensive nail polish like Orly. I bought Sassy Nail Polish in Cash and Carry Mall it only cost P16.00 pesos. Sassy Nail Polish is available in all leading malls nationwide. 


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  1. Great color and very inexpensive!

  2. ganda love that color best of all napakamura nya please check my post also on sassy lilac

    1. Hi ChrisAir Seneba. Thanks for dropping by. Yes the color is lovely and it is inexpensive. I'll check your blog as well. Again Thank you very much :)