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January 16, 2011

FOTD: Simple Make-up with the twist of Classic Look

Hi Readers!

     How's your day? I play with my make-up last night after reading some magazines. So my face of the day is just a simple make-up but I add up a twist of Classic look.

Simple Make-up with the twist of Classic Look
(In this photo I am wearing purple raffle dress, pearl necklace with black rose accent, a
big black stone ring, leopard print bangle and a pearl earing)

1. Maxi-Peel Concealing Cream (For make-up base) 2. Medium Brush use for blending of mineral foundation 3. VMV Hypoallergenic Mineral Make-up in Buff color ( light foundation so apply just little amount of this) 4. VMV Hypoallergenic Skin Fit Color eyeshadow 5. Avon eye make-up in Shell Coonillage color 6. VMV Hypoallergenic lipstick in Cool Chicks color    7. Cover Girl Color Blush in Rose silk color 8. Oh la lash from VMV Hypoallergenic.

For eye make-up: First apply VMV Hypoallergenic Skin Fit Colour Eye Shadow in Brown Sugar Color or if you don't have this color you canalso use any light brown color with shimmer or glitters effect. Second applyAvon eye make-up color in shell coonilage color, if you don't have this shadeyou can also substitute a light peach color with shimmer effect. Then applyyour favorite maskara, in this picture I used Oh la lash of VMV Hypoallergenic.

Classic look can also be achieve if you use some accessories like Pearls,
so in this photo I use Pearl necklace with black rose accent and pearl earing.
I am wearing a purple raffle tops and curl my hair. 

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