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January 29, 2011

Chinese New Year and the Dragon Dance in Cash n Carry

Hi Readers!

     Kung hei fat choi or Happy New Year in Chinese. Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holiday. For this year the Chinese animal sign is Rabbit. I am under the animal sign of Monkey. We went in Cash and Carry Mall this afternoon and the mall theme is all about the Chinese New Year. We saw the Dragon Dance and Bazaar which is all about Chinese Luck. Some stall sell charms, food, birthstone and other things that related to fortune. You can also read your animal sign forecast for 2011 like the picture below:

My animal sign: Monkey

Dragon Dancer stop in one Cellphone shop in
Cash and Carry Mall for the dance ritual

Many people watch the Dragon Dance. The Dragon Dancer follow
the bet of the drummer.

Tree's of Ang Pao's and gold coin (display in 2nd Floor)
Venice: I want the Ang Pao!
In thi picture my little doll and my brother

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