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December 6, 2010

Surprise gifts of my sister from Hongkong

      Hi readers!

     My sister Veron, went to Hongkong for a company training last week. She surprises me with many gifts and one item that make me happy was the H&M Magazine winter2010 (yes you read it right H&M Magazine). I love LANVIN! heres some photo to share with you guys!

1.) H&M Magazine winter 2010 2.) Silver Jewelry 3. Zebra Print Scarf 4.) RUBI sandal 
Front Page of H&M magazine
I love the red shoes. The t-shirt cost 299 hongkong dollar converted 
to peso it cost around 17,940.00

the one with circle is Alber Elbaz designer of LANVIN
this pink dress cost 1,490 dollar which converted to peso that cost
P89,400.00 wow!
For more information about H&M click the link: 

To my sister Veron THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the Pasalubong! MWAH! love you

Glenn's note: H&M magazine (HONGKONG)  was published by H&M / publisher Anna Tillberg.

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  1. WOW! I loooove H&M too dear! It's always nice to get surprise gifts! ;)

  2. Hi Ruth I really love h & m, thanks for the comment sis :)