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December 6, 2010

10th World Bazaar Festival at World Trade Center

     Hi readers!

   It is Christmas season time again,  hello to shopping activities like going to sales event, buying unique gifts, buying new personal stuff and a lot more. Visiting a bazaar help us to minimize our time in shopping, so I recommend visiting the “10th World Bazaar Festival” where you can find different things in affordable price.

  Yesterday, we went to World Bazaar Festival in World Trade Center I saw many items to love for. In front of World Trade Center there’s an activity area for kids (so bring your camera) there’s a big balloon slide, ABS-CBN artist picture stand and more.

Infront of World Trade Center -entertainment area where you can take picture to ABS-CBN artist picture stand
Front Entrance
Inside World Bazaar Festival. Statue of  Santa Clause beside Christmas Decor products  
Front of World Trade Center in Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
World Trade Center Building

Ticket Booth
     Inside the World Trade Center we paid the entrance fee costing P50.00 pesos each.  We brought my niece MJ and she’s free to enter the venue (my niece is 1 year old). 
   In the hallway I saw Christmas items like Christmas trees, Santa s, christmass accessories and more. I also saw the information desk where there are police men and customer service personnels. In trade hall, my  first impression was saying “Wow”! I saw lots of stall or kiosk. Items you can find here are clothes, silver jewelries, make-up, native products, toys, pet accessories, gadgets, home items, wine, watches, and more Christmas accessories and more unique products.
  There was also an area for entertainment, they set up a small stage for program. I saw artist stall like stall own by Judy Ann Santos, Kris Aquino, Rica Peralejo, Donita Rose, Angel Aquino and Anne Curtis stall, Judy Sta. Maria, Phomela Baranda, Bianca Lapuz (Bianca Lapuz was the only star I saw) and more artist booth. The only brand I remembered were Jewels clothing (which worn by Erich Gonzales), Charm brush they have brush cost P250.00 (sales item) you can also find their famous kabuki brush which I ask the saleslady cost P500.00 and they also have the mineral powder. I also saw “The Body Shop” which offer sales item cost P125.00, I saw some items cost like 3 for P1,000.00 (mostly dresses), 2 for P150.00 (mostly children’s cloths), P250.00 items, P100.00 each. (Sorry if I don't have picture inside the trade hall my digital cam battery turned  low batt. :(

     I bought a gray TOPSHOP t-shirt which only cost P250.00 (sale item). My brother bought a green ABS-CBN studio polo shirt. My mother bought a genuine brown leather wallet.
Gray TOPSHOP t-shirt
ABS-CBN Studio Shop Green Polo Shirt
     Are you going too? Well I advice you to:
 1.) don’t bring your children (it is really crowded place, lots of bargain hunter is there).  If you bring your child with you, make sure to put some name tag on him/her put it in her  pockets so that if your child accidentally missing, other person knows who to page  or teach your child all the details about your address, your complete name and other info. 
2.)If you go there I advice not to bring your car too, why? You well spend more time in looking for parking space because of crowded car meaning hard parking… For transportation ride in a cab (but this area had a traffic during weekends) ride in a bus (Ayala-LRT leveriza route) and
3.) bring BIG BUDGET why? Believe me there’s lot of item to love for..    

Heres the Schedule of 10th World Bazaar Festival

World Trade Center, Roxas Blvd, Pasay City
Schedules: December 3-16 

Time: Mon-Thurs 12PM-10PM, Fri-Sun 10AM-12MN, Dec 16 12PM-8PM
Entrance: P50

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