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December 26, 2010

Nice Present!

Hi readers!

     How was your day? Do you unwrapped your gift already? I know you have many Christmas stories. What I love about Christmas is the reunion with our family and even with our friends. I know you also received gifts,  will if not there still things to thank for.. be happy!!... because there's still so many blessings to come and one thing to thank for is you are still alive and you still experience Christmas unlike others who were already in the hand of our almighty father. Last year, my friend Ricky died due to a motor accident, he died exactly December 24, 2009 in Makati Medical Center. We live in the same building and our family was close to his family that's why last year our Christmas has been solemn and full of sadness. After one year of his death his family still in grieved, but that is life we must go on.

     We celebrated Christmas in a simpliest way, I attended mass at Holy Family Parish Church. My family has a small get together in our house, here in Makati. I received nice present and that was what I will be sharing in this post. My sister really knows what I love, she gave me a nice present  like sunblock, lipstick and a diary/planner. I love VMV Hypoallergenic Armada SPF30 (It cost 1,000 plus) and VMV lipstick in Cool Chick color. Just check the picture below.

     For me this year the best gift I had was my little niece Venice. It is priceless when Venice is happy and healthy and not only my niece but I hope my entire family is in good health and happy too. Happy Birthday Jesus you're the center of this celebration.Merry Christmas to all!!!

VMV Hypoallergenic Armada and Cool Chick color lipstick
VMV Hypoallergenic in Cool Chick color

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