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December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010..Welcome 2011

Hi readers!

   The days were really fast. I woke up one day it’s my birthday and now it is New Year’s Eve. The year 2010 is almost my good year until an unfortunate event happened to my family only this last week of December. I will not elaborate more about what happen but it was because of one guy.

The year twenty ten was not really a bad year.

I meet new people

I reunited with my old friends from high school to college and to our old neighbors who move out to the other place.

Now I knew whose real and fake friends, I discovered who were there for you every time you need them and I also discovered who is just using me and came to me only if they need things.

I learn to love my family more and this is important to me.

I found new hobby and skills

I started to love writing thru blog and this complete my day every time I wrote something about my life or my experience here are my blogs:

I also learn to fight what I think is right. I will voice out what I feel and share my wisdom about it.

I learn so many things thru my little niece Venice. I learned to love unconditionally.

I learn to appreciate little things… before I always wanted to have the biggest blessing...

2010 I admit that I became addicted to Facebook 

2010 makes me an opinionated or commentator person, I was aware about politics and current issues

This 2011 I promise to give all my BEST !!

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