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August 30, 2011

The 7 Links Challenges

Hi Readers!

    My co-blogger and friend in facebook Angela publisher of  Mystic Nymph invited me to join this challenge "The 7 Links Challenges". So here's my answer for the 7 Link Challenges....

1.  The most beautiful post:  My lipstick is not a MAC  
      I considered this as the most beautiful post because one I received lot of beautiful comment for this post, 2. I love my look in that post (okey sige na nga "ang ganda ko dyan!" he!he!he!)
 My lipstick is not a MAC
2. The most popular post: FOTD: Ponds white beauty Pinkish-Whiteglow lightening cream in no mess sachet
     According to my web stat this blog post about Ponds no mess sachet is my highest visited post. The blog was all about my review about this product.
FOTD: Ponds white beauty Pinkish-Whiteglow
lightening cream in no mess sachet
3. The most controversial post: My New Hair cut
     This post was really very remarkable for me why?? this is the first time I misspelled words (like battle instead of bottle and chipper instead of cheaper) someone notice it, I felt embarrassed/disappointed that time because I didn't review my blog I just click Publish Post button without reviewing what I post (moral lesson review your blog first).
 My New Hair cut
4. The most helpful post: Healthy Benefits of Cranberry:
     I think this post is most helpful "The Healthy Benefits of Cranberry" because I gave some extra information to those people who don't know there's a lot of benefits cranberry fruit. I also believe that most of my post were very helpful to all the readers specially to all the ladies because I share some personal experience and my reviews in all the product I used. 
Healthy Benefits of Cranberry:

5. A post that was surprisingly successful: Forever21 plus Random Things
     I observed after I blog about Forever21 I gained followers and I received lot of good comments. I know lot of girls love Forever21 stuff I'm happy they love my post about it :)
Forever21 plus Random Things
6. A post that didn't get the Attention it deserves: Classic Poem
   I think this was the post that didn't get the attention it deserves because not every body like poetry. I like All things bright and beautiful poem it reminds me of God creation and how beautiful it was...The poem also remind me of my childhood school memorization assignment:)
 Classic Poem
7. A post I am Most Proud of: Philippine Fashion Week 2011: My Experience
    I don't think twice with my answer in this question because there's only one that I am most proud of it is my blog about my experience in Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011, that was one of my dream to attend that kind of event where fashion icons gathered.

Philippine Fashion Week 2011: My Experience
    I'm also proud I post blog that you can gain for me my dear readers like thru my product reviews, lesson I learned, new discoveries and also thru sharing my personal experience.
    I' m happy some how that there were people whose enjoying reading my blog:)

The mechanic of this game links is to tag seven bloggers to do this as well. I'm tagging this to the following: 

Maria Kristela of Maria Kristela blog
Ynell of Polish Crush
Eyerin of yourblogmyblog
Ria Hazel of Sugar Smile

So Ladies its your turn :) share to us your 7 Links Challenges. Thanks Angela for tagging me for this game:)

Ciao Bella!!!!


  1. this is a great idea, love the summary style links. cute blog :)

  2. Thanks to this game, I get to review my blogger friends' previous posts. :-)

    And... OMG! I also want to watch fashion icons/models strut in the runway! I hope I get to be in PFW someday. :-)

  3. Hi Sara thanks for dropping by :) I alos love your blog about fashion and what you wear :)

    Hi Angela hope davao have Designers Runway so you can attend to:)

  4. I like this post. Thanks for leaving a link of your blog on my comments. I'm a new follower of yours. :)