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November 25, 2010

FOTD: Ponds white beauty Pinkish-whiteglow lightening cream in no mess sachet

Hi readers!

     Good day everyone! Have you experience this incident when you put a sachet of a facial cream in your bag then suddenly it spilled inside your bag (and you now whats next...mess) but now new sachet or packaging was made. The Ponds Institute made an idea of changing packaging of sachet and they added twist-cap for Pond White beauty pinkish-whiteglow and Ponds Detox for no wastage, no leakage and no mess.

About the product:

     The Pond’s Institute has created an advanced skin lightening complex by combining its proven Pro-Vitamins B3 formula, with nature’s own Lycopene. It’s designed to dilute accumulated melanin and help replenish lost Lycopene.

How to use this product:
     Wash your face first then apply with fingertips, smoothing evenly onto clean skin over face and neck(you can also use this after applying toner). Massage lightly until completely absorbed. Do not stay too long in the sun or use sunscreen.

  1. I love the matte finish
  2. I like the packaging, it is small, and I can put it in any purse without worrying it will spill.   
  3. Affordable it is only cost P 20.00 pesos (available in supermarket and drugstore nationwide)

  1. The facial cream is scented, may irritate some people who have sensitive skin
  2. Pimples pop in my face. (maybe I’m irritated with an ingredient)

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