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April 9, 2014

Manila International Auto Show 2014

Hi readers!

   After our summer vacation in Bolinao, my brother and I went to the 10th Manila International Auto Show (MIAS), last April 06. It was the largest auto show that I've seen so far. The exhibit consists of different exhibitors from car manufacturers up to car accessories. The World Trade Center and PTTC were full of exhibitors like Ford Group Philippines, Inc. (the largest exhibitor at the 10th MIAS), Pilipinas TAJ Autogroup Inc. (TATA), SUBARU, Peugeot, BPI Bank, ROTA, CATS MOTOR, CHEVROLET, Pirelli, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Petron, Volvo, JMC, Foton, Chery Motors Philippines, BYD Phil., KIA, Maxxis, Yokohama Tires, Auto Hub, Sea Oil, Atoy Customs, Motolite, Berrima Diesel, and more. 

Event: The 10th Manila International Auto Show
Venue: World Trade Center / East Wing A & B/ Philippine Trade Training Center
Date: April 3-6, 2014
Theme: Auto Show, Car Display, Exhibit
Long line to the entrance. 
Entrance Fee cost P100.00 pesos.
Top Gear
WTC lobby exhibits with DJ playing beat musics. 
Rolls-Royce Wraith - the 40 million car, cool! The most expensive car on display at MIAS.
Ford - The Largest exhibitor at MIAS. Ang ganda ng display nila ^_^
TATA Motors
Subaru display
I want this! I like The Foton View Traveller . The 15 seater van, pwede ng pang car rental, out of town with family, for business and more. It cost around 1.8 million pesos.
Chery Motors Philippines
May Petron station sa loob ng WTC!!  Petron display ^_^
Hoping to own Montero Sport someday... ^_^
PIRELLI and the beautiful model ^_^
The all new 2015 Subaru WRX . 
Aside from cars, I also saw big truck displayed. 
Standard Insurance
Me and my brother tried the Motolite game, I only got free coffee.
Berrima Diesel
Love the color combination of white and purple.
Spotted Jennifer Lee. 
Toy cars also displayed. I love this collections ^_^
more cars and models ^_^

Also spotted Albert Martinez.

   I was really amazed how the organizer puts all the cars inside the WTC and PTTC. It was an awesome exhibit of cars, motorcycle, car accessories and more. For those whose planning to buy their own car in the future this will be the best event to attend. 

At the event, I also got the chance to register and to avail a VIP card of Worldbex. 

To know more about Manila International Auto Show visit the following:
Worldbex Service International  FB page.

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