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June 6, 2013

May, 2013

Hi readers!

   May month was so awesome! I had fun discovering new things, attending events and on the last week of  May, I experienced some personal changes like moving to a temporary house (the building where we resides was still under renovation)
Top (L to R):  1.)Life is Beautiful (My watercolor artwork ^_^) 2.) Eyeing for this Michael Kors bag 3.)Schlurp - new favorite bottled milk tea (available at Crepes and Cream, MOA) 4.) With  the first Filipino Lotus F1 driver Marlon Stockinger, during Manila Speed Show - Marlon Stockinger's meet-and-greet ( I edited the photo 'cause the image has double exposure, I put sunglasses - nagmamadali kasi si kuya bouncer :(
Middle (L to R): 1.) Baller souvenir from Marlon Stockinger ^_^ ( Read: Ingat na ingat ako dyan ) 2.)Thinning scissor - I use this to cut my bangs, for trimming or to add hairstyle like layering 3.) Flunt it! The White Trunk Show display  (Collaboration between Nestle and Summit Media) 4.) During the Runway of The White Trunk Show Event - Gorgeous and sexy models ^_^
Below (L to R): 1.)Me time! Pampering at home or before going to bed (using fresh lemon on my eyes and facial mask) 2.) Polka Dots nail art (baby blue and regular white Klik polish) 3.) Philippine Fashion Week - Michael Cinco ( lovely gown) 4.)Goodbye old house :( time to move and accept changes... 

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