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January 2, 2013

New Year 2013

Hi readers!

   Happy New Year guys and Hello 2013! Another year has passed, we've been together for another one year of journey and I'm grateful you still there joining and following me. A new year means  a fresh start, to set new hopes, to do list of things you want to accomplish and to meet those expectations. For this year, I'm not only wishing good things for myself or for family but I'm also including some special people in my life.  Just like last year, I hope I'll be stronger when some challenges come, hope to gain more  friends , I'm hoping to have more time to spend with my love ones and hope this year is the great year for all of us.

   Now, I'll be sharing with you how I celebrated the New Year's Eve. Simple, that's the word to describe it. I spent it with my mom, my brother, two uncles and one cousin. Morning of December 31, my mother started preparing our food, while I'm cleaning the house (FYI: I like to do cleaning than cooking ^_^ - wala akong masyadong talent sa cooking ).  Evening of New Year's Eve, I attended mass at the nearby church after that we waited for the New Year's countdown.
Holy Family Parish Church
Inside HFPC
This street was not noisy and busy as like as last year.
(Nagtipid yata ^_^ )
You can read my blog post about New Year 2012 here and spot the differences ^_^ .
For outfit post: I'm wearing Leopard print top
(para maiba naman sa mga polka dots na fanatic ^_^)
And I'm wearing emerald color accessories, that according to Pantoneits the color of the year.
(I'll blog a separate blog post about that)
And the fireworks begin....

Happy New Year! Cheers!
Photo from source.
Thank you!!!

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