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December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Hi readers!

   Sorry for being hiatus again, same as my last year excuses, December month was my busy month and aside from that, unfortunately I got sick during the 3rd week.  I've been doing multitasking work lately, so bear with me if I don't update my blog as often. Even I was that busy, I still find time to read other blogs (Of course! I don't want to be left behind (^_^). 

   For now, let me share with you how I celebrated the holiday season.  Warning this will be a long blog post and picture overload. (^_^)

   While everybody  was busy and rushing to the mall to do some shopping, me, I was busy doing some financial thing and I'm helping my mother because the place where we live is under renovation.  I didn't notice the day and honestly, I didn't feel the holiday season that time. Until December 23 came, I heard a familiar voice outside our house...the voice that made my heart beat fast and the only voice that will always make my day bright ^_^. I never expect someone would be visiting me,  I'm resting and I didn't feel well but when I heard his voice, I felt healed. 

December 23, 2012

   Yes, I'm reunited again with my special friend, Deng Marcos. The only man who has the power to melt my heart ( nagpapakilig-in short (shivering) ^_^ **giggling mode** ). I've also been reunited with his family, after not seeing any of them in years. An afternoon of December 23, my plan has been just to drop by at Marcos's house, but his family was preparing for a family Christmas party, and now guess who's the gatecrasher. I miss the Marcos's; the big, noisy, crazy, hilarious and happy family. I  really enjoyed the night, it was special because Deng and I had our personal and long conversation again. 
Marcos-Reyes Christmas Party and get together.
Candy Party Theme.
Reina and Mark hosted the party.
Me and baby Teo (Cute nya!)
(Read: Laki ng braso ko oh! pang bouncer lang ang peg!)

December 25, 2012
Christmas Day

   We visited my sister's family on Christmas day, I missed my niece (she can't stay in our house because of the ongoing renovation). Here are photos to share: 
Bonding time with Venice
Made in Candy
White and Silver Christmas tree
Witnessing the city sunset on Christmas day
Another breath taking moment...
And also viewing city night light on Christmas Day...
View of Rockwell Power Plant Mall from up here.
Giant Christmas tree in Rockwell 
Time to go home... in few hours Christmas is over...
Next to prepare is to welcome 2013 but before that, time to unwrap some gifts...
Thank you!
   Thank you very much for the gifts, gift certificates and cash. 

Thanks ate, to my sister, Mike and others.
I wanna say thank you also to the man who gave the world to me, 
Thank you very, very much Deng!

 No amount of money or expensive material thing can equal the amount of happiness that I feel when you made me feel I'm important to you. 

It' s the thought that counts...

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