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November 25, 2012

11.24.12 and beauty haul

Hi readers!

   I visited Glorietta yesterday. After it closed for 4 years renovation, Glorietta recently reopened its doors. (I read somewhere that Glorietta is part of 20 Billion project of Ayala Land redevelopment). I like the minimalist design, clean and warm ambiance. While walking around I observed some stores were still organizing their products and display (like National Bookstore -na naligaw pa ako sa loob he!he!he! ^_^). 

Newly renovated Glorietta 1. Opps! sorry for the bad photo I used my camera phone, I left my digital cam ^_^
Activity Center (other part still have on going renovation)
     Strolling around Glorietta, I first check Rustan's area (where MAC, NARS, and Laura Mercier located) I saw vanity mirror but it cost around almost 3k :( then I went to Tickles store where I spotted a nice palettes, off course I bought it(...and here we go again for my impulsive buying attitude ^_^). After that I went to National bookstore, I checked some book, I like the Marilyn Monroe book that displayed near the entrance, it cost around 1,000 plus. (read: next time na lang kita bibilhin ^_^. Then I went to Landmark, I bought soap, toner, nail polish and Artist Studio brushes. 
Beauty Haul: Beauty Angel Cosmetics, Artist Studio Brushes, Kojie.san Cleanser Toner, Kojie-San Soap, OMG  Crystal Sand Nail Polish in quartz color.
Beauty Angel Cosmetics (Blue) and Artist Studio Brushes: bronzing brush and eye shadow brush.
Beauty Angel Cosmetics
   After my shopping activity in Landmark I went to Ayala Triangle Light and Sound Show. This event is just located at Ayala Triangle Park (beside Philippines and Makati Stock Exchange) run every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 9 pm until December 30.

Lights out.
Lights everywhere :)

Watch my video here:

Short video lang, na low batt ako agad. again sorry ^_^ he!he!he!

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