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July 3, 2012

Leche Flan Cheesecake by Symphony of Flavors

Hi readers!

   It's raining cats and dogs outside and a weather like this, we love to stay home, rest or we just love to eat, right? Speaking of eating (^_^) If you're craving for sweet right now I'll suggest you try this dessert, I discovered it last month, the Leche Flan Cheesecake by Symphony of Flavors. It's a combination of light cheesecake and creamy leche flan. After unboxing it I thought it was 100% leche flan but after I sliced it that was the time I discovered it has soft cheesecake inside. What can I say? Well, it was delicious, yummy and mouth-watering. The leche flan part is sweet and creamy while the cheesecake part is soft, just like a custard cake. I included this to my list of favorite desserts (^_^)

Comes with nice packaging. Good gift to your love ones or friends. 
Second packaging,  inside of a see-through oval shape container.  
Delicious, yummy and mouth-watering (^_^)
It's a combination of light cheesecake and creamy leche flan.
Contact Symphony of Flavors now :)

To know more about Symphony of Flavors visit their facebook fanpage here.
or contact them at 0922-8518880 or 343-1488

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  1. Looks so delicious! Huge leche flan fan here! :D

    1. thanks for the comment Janine (^_^) Yes it was really delicious :)

  2. Leche flan is traditionally made using a llanera, an oval tin pan that is filled with a mixture of eggs and milk and steamed. Over the past weekend, I was in a frantic hunt for llaneras in the city.