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May 21, 2012


Hi readers!

  Last May 07, after my assessment in John Robert Power I went to Greenbelt and I saw A-gantea store. Since, I collected reviews of milk teas, I tried it. A-gantea is located in Greenbelt 2, beside National Bookstore and Qoola. I google it, and found out that this was their first branch here in Manila, it was originally from Taiwan. 
Agantea, Greenbelt 2

Buzzer or Pager. If order is ready for pick-up,  this pager will buzz and light up.

I order plain milk tea, it cost only P75.00 for medium size
(my stomach was full that time, so I ordered plain milk tea less the pearl or tapioca)
My order
Over-all experienced: 

       The place - I like the location. They offer indoor and outdoor venue. Indoor, you can sit at the second floor and enjoy the view outside while outdoor, you can sit beside the plants and trees and enjoy the cozy environment while mingling with friends. I sat in the outdoor area, since I'm alone that time I enjoyed watching people passing by while sipping my milk tea (^_^). I also like the furniture and interior.

      The milk tea - I like the taste. I tasted different milk tea, this one is much creamier. To taste is to believe (^_^) - you should try this one :)

       The price is affordable. For as low as P75.00 you can enjoy milk tea. If you want Pearl milk tea it cost only 85.00. Price range from 75.00 to 100 pesos only.

       The service is good. They serve my order so quick. The service crew were friendly too.

To know more about A-gantea visit their facebook page here.

A-gantea is available in Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati. 

Thank you for reading! Good day!


  1. Ooohhh ma try nga! I'm not a fan of milk teas pero for sure may fruit based teas sila noh? And it's quite affordable ah. :)

    1. Hi Daphne :) yes may fruit based naman sila, affordable din :)

  2. I've never tried this before. Will try it nga later :) Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I'll try to join (^_^)

  3. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  4. Interesting! I wanna try it pag nagawi ako sa Makati area. :D

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  5. yumm I love milk teas :D and it's so cheap there compare to here haha

    1. Hi Pop Champagne thanks for dropping by :)

  6. Hi Glenn! I came across your blog and it's so chic! I'm new to blogging and you're an inspiration. :)

    please check me out and hope you follow back. I could use some pointers from you. :)

  7. Hi Charles first thank you for dropping by on my blog. And thank you for the flattering comment Thank you!thank you very much (^_^).

    I 'll check your blog (^_^)