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January 2, 2012

Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner - I'm a certified Bella

Hi Readers!

   It's great to start the year with a companion and I'm glad I found one that can be with me for the whole year. Nope, don't think of a guy ha! actually hindi siya human isa siyang planner. Yes, you read it right isa siyang planner (^_^). Since year 2010 I read a lot of blogs about Belle de Jour (kapag nakakabasa nga ako ng blog I just wonder ano ba meron sa Belle de Jour at gusto nila ito?) until last year when I met Ria publisher of SugarSmile in PFW she told me the benefits of owning Belle de Jour Power Planner (and I also read it on her blog ) after hearing and reading about it now I'm a convert (^_^).
   I bought Belle de Jour Power Planner at Powerbooks in Greenbelt last Dec. 30, 2011. It cost P 598.00 pesos. This is totally different from other planner that I bought, first page pa lang you'll notice the positive message and about believing (di ba exciting! parang it push you to do your best:)
1. Front page of Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner 2. Back page with black garter strap 3. For Ladies: Menstrual Tracker 4. Gift list and Special Events Tracker 5. Weekly Layout  6. Cash Flow Trackers 7. Promo and Discount Coupon
Other features:
1. Letter to Self  2. Dream Board  3. 2012 BDJ Checklist 4. Health Checklist 5. Habbit Tracker 6. Vacation Planner and more...

Belle de Jour has 2 type one is spring bind version and  the other one is book bind version. I got the book bind version. 

With sleeve (like in Moleskine )
Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner and my 2011 Planner that I got in Landmark
My 2011 Planner. I covered some text for privacy reason (^_^). 1. Weekly data 2. Monthly schedule 3. Some product that I tested/review like the sample of Estee Lauder I also pin it on my planner (remembrance lang :) 4. I drawn 2011 Fashion Trend. Goodbye 2011 planner salamat sa 1 taon nating pagsasama :(
For this year, I'm happy because
I'm a certified BDJ Girl!

To know more about Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner visit their site here.


  1. I think BDJ Planner this year was way better. :) Happy New Year!!!

  2. Hi Myrted thanks for dropping by :) This is my first time I purchased BDJ and I'm glad I pick it :)

  3. I've used a BDJ planner from 2008 to 2010. Last year though, napa-CBTL planner ako. I'm still contemplating for 2012 if I'll use my SB one or get a BDJ.. ^^

    Anywya, happy new year sis!

  4. Hi Sumi gusto ko rin Starbucks planner kaya lang talagang I want to try BDJ :)Wow you used BDJ FOR 3 years din.

    Happy new year too sis !

  5. very nice! I just got myself a ruled notebook for this year lol!

  6. Hi Aie thanks for the comment :p nice planner :)LOL

  7. Hi Glenn, me too I love BDJ planner, which reminds me I need to drop by the bookstore to get my copy :-)

  8. i love BDJ planners too! my past 2 planners were BDJ.. but this year my mom got me the starbucks planner.. so bye BDJ for 2012 haha!

  9. I love BDJ! super detailed :)

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    Jamie Kate

  10. hi glen i followed you already, i'm loving your planner, i had my BDJ last year. but this year i got different planner =)

    1. Hi Elaine thanks for following :) I followed you back.