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January 8, 2011

2011 Planner My Substitute for Moleskine

Hi Readers!
    New planner..I bought a new planner from National Bookstore, it was love at first sight.. you know why? Because it reminds me of Moleskine planner. I like Moleskine but here in the Philippines it was kind of expensive it cost 999.75 pesos or almost 1,000 pesos for a daily planner. Then I saw this replicas (same design) of Moleskine in National Bookstore Cash and Carry (but now this is out of stock already) It cost only 200.00 pesos much cheaper than the original Moleskine.. I have the apple green color (I don't have any choice because this was the last item they have). What I love in this planner...first the size fit to my bag, the acid free paper, and simple. 
     I also love Belle de Jour planner but when I saw this in National Bookstore it was kind of big (meaning I need to use much bigger bag). 

with envelop at the back of the planner

Original Moleskine

I also got this in Landmark. I was attracted with the red shoe drawing and the

I was attracted with the shoes theme / design and
the red garter strap
This Planner/ Diary available in Landmark. Makati
for only P 129.75 pesos.


  1. what store in landmark did you buy that cute planner? :D

  2. @ Anonymous Hi thanks for dropping by :)
    I bought that in stationery section of Landmark which is located at Ground floor near the Gym Equipment area.

  3. do they have any cute planner aside from this style ,available as well?? cos i need to buy one for next year :>

  4. Hi Ash yes, last week when I drop by in Landmark I saw different kind of cute planner just check it in stationery section :)

    You can also check Fullybook or National Bookstore in Rockwell they also sell cute planner.

    Thanks you for reading my blog :)

  5. thank you ! i might buy one for next year , if they sell it as cheap as the one you've got. I like the style! :))