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October 4, 2011

NOTD: My first crack nail polish

Hi readers!

     Last Sunday my family went to Landmark, Makati again. In the cosmetic section I saw OMG (Oh My Golly) Cracked nail polish by Klik in Cracked Gray shade. I have read lots of beauty blog who posted about crack nail polish and that got my interest to share this with you also. I'll discuss how to apply this cracked nail polish and also add some reviews.

How to apply cracked nail polish :

1. Apply base coat - your choice of color or shade.
For my nail I applied Regular Love (light pink color)
I advice you choose darker shade so that it will be more visible.
2. Apply cracked nail polish. If you use this you'll notice the polish dry fast, it looks like a matte polish.
Apply, wait for a few minutes and it will dry and you'll notice it crack up.
3. Apply colorless nail polish.
Best to apply colorless nail polish, it helps to protect the cracked nail polish.
Finish Product
Review: Oh my golly cracked nail polish by Klik

Pro's (What I like)
  • Affordable - this cost only P34.75, unlike other brand of crack polish they cost around P300 plus or more. I think this product is alternative to other branded crack nail polish. Available in Landmark, Makati. 
  • Easy to apply. It's dry fast.
Con's (What I don't like)
  • I don't like the heavy smells of chemical (mom first to hate it)
  • It easily fades (especially if you don't put colorless nail polish)
  • Crack design is a bit small unlike the other brand crack design is much more noticeable. (I don't know maybe it just me I might overly applied it). 
How about you what brand of crack nail polish you've used so far?


  1. I am impressed that OMG has now a cracking polish! I think it is the first local brand to release one. It is very affordable too! :))

  2. Wow, that's a cheap alternative! Never dared to buy one coz I can't reason out for what it usually costs 300bucks... Great find! I might try it out if I get to find it. :D Thanks for sharing!


  3. It's really OMG i wanna buy that and myrted is true a cheap alternative...

  4. Hi Iya, Myrted, Sweethesia Thanks for dropping by and for the comment. Yes, so far thats the cheapest Creacked Nail Polish I saw in the market.

  5. i have that too. but my swatches are a bit different.. ill do a blogpost so that you can see as well.. nice post btw. :D

  6. Wow! Been wanting to try that. :) Thanks for the share :)

  7. nice find. i love crack polish too but havent tried it yet.

  8. Hi Ynell, Ruth and Anna Thanks for the comments:)

  9. Nice! Didn't know Klik had cracking polish. Thanks for the review! :)

  10. Hi Mica thanks for dropping by :) Try to grab one of Klik its also good Cracked Nail Polish

  11. I also have one. the brand is BOBBIE. it costs 59.00. bought from watsons. :)

  12. its actually lovelier than the pictures above. :) maybe because its quite more expensive. :)

  13. its actually lovelier than the pictures above. :) maybe because its quite more expensive. :)

  14. Hi Anonymous Thanks for dropping by and for the comment also. Thanks for suggestion, I'll check BOBBIE crack nail polish. I think I got the wrong shade of crack nail polish gray doesn't stand out much over pink maybe that's why its not much appealing on the photo anyway I bought this just for review :)

    Thanks again :)