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August 12, 2011

Walking in a different style

Hi Readers!

     Another day has past, tomorrow Saturday is a rest day and this is my opportunity to have a simple activities like walking (I want to burn those extra pound in my body). To make walking extra exciting I bought a pedometer which I saw in CD-R King at Cash and Carry Mall. 

    A pedometer is a step counter device or it counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person's hips. It usually used by physical fitness enthusiasts or by sports. Pedometers are now becoming known as an everyday exercise measurer and motivator. It was often worn on the belt and kept on all day.  Pedometer can give encouragement to complete with oneself in getting fit and losing weight. According to my research A total of 10,000 step per day is equivalent to 5 miles (8.O km) is recommended by some to be the benchmark for an active lifestyle.

CD-R King Pedometer Review:

According to the Packaging:
  • Pedometer adopts microcomputer technology with mini-construction design and readable LCD display. The paces are detected via the movement of waist.
  • Step counts range from 0-99999.
  • Reset key to clear the records.
  • It will automatically turn off after not being used for one and half minutes.
  • Attach the pedometer securely to your waistband or belt. Close to the center of your body, false mounting or walking way will possibly cause inaccurate result. 
  • Start the measurement by pressing the "RESET" key
  • Clear all the numbers memory before starting the measurement again.
Pro's (What I like):
  1. Very affordable gadget. It only cost P50.00
  2. It really motivate me to walk more. I set a goal of at least reach 2,000 step or up.
  3. Comes in small size. Very handy or not heavy. 
  4.  It will automatically turn off after not being used. (energy saver)
  5. Battery operated (AG10).
Con's (What I don't like):
  1. This pedometer also erroneously record movements other than walking, such as bending or any simple movement. (sometimes I have to reset it again if I notice it count my movement like reaching some object)

    So far I'll just used this product even sometimes I encounter erroneous record. It motivates me to move more. I used this gadget to set a simple goal like at least I reach 2,000 counts. I also check other pedometer but this one is much affordable, so if you want also to measure your steps I recommend this as a starter device. But for those runner or sport enthusiast I suggest to look for much better Pedometer which cost around P200 plus and up. 


  1. I think MILO also did promote a gadget just like this in their TVC. It's good to know that CD-R King have this. They're like the king of affordable thingamajigs. :-)

  2. I always see this in CDR but I didnt pay attention to it. Its cool pala, hehe.