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August 12, 2011

Simple Birthday Celebration

Hi readers!

     Its Friday again guys :) so what's your plan after work or school? hang-out tonight? or go straight home to watch the finale of your favorite telenovela? (just like me) or simply just rest and enjoy the free time. 
     Mama and my sister went for a vacation somewhere in the south of the Philippines, they left this morning...and now I can do things freely (yehey!!!ha!ha!ha!) I plan to do lots of activities this weekend including a special plan this Saturday :) (what it is??? will I'll just blog about it next time)
     Today I would like to share to you how I spent my birthday last August 10 (Wednesday). I had a simple celebration. My mom, brother and I dine at Mang Inasal, SM Hypermarket-Makati (SM Hypermarket was just a few step away in our residential, sa totoo lang parang ito na ang second kitchen namin kasi if hindi nakaluto si mama we buy our meal here). Here's some photo's to share to you guys: 

my simple birthday celebration at Mang Inasal with my family.
Order/Cashier area. Where's the staff here?
Chicken Leg for P99.00 and Halo-halo for 49.00 with free soup (kaya lang fail siya)
and look at the bowl madilaw na hope they change it. No soda or sweet juices I just drink plain water (if you read all my blog I start not drinking any caffinated, sweet beverage or soda because of health reason)
I received a gift from my sister and Mike.
....and she unwrapped it (mas excited pa siya sa akin)
I like it. A book about how to make a fashionable hat. Yes I love any books about fashion.
And I also start saving money rin I want to buy this book I saw in National Bookstore in Rockwell I forgot the title but it was something like
"How to wear high heels for 1 year" (in pink cover) and
The One Hundred by Nina Garcia (white cover)
Preview of what is inside
another gift my favorite Alyssa Ashley Esoteric perfume
(yehey again and I jump for joy yipeee)
I'm currently using Alyssa Ashley in Green Tea Scent,
I also love their any gender perfume the Alyssa Ashley Musk.
(This is available in Landmark Department store)
Alyssa Ashley Esoteric (image from source)

Thank you Lord for all the blessing!! Like what I said in my previous blog post I'm just wishing of good health for me and for my family. 

God day everyone!!!!