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June 19, 2011


Hi readers!
   The Philippine is celebrating Dr. Jose Rizal 150th birthday. Some of you already knew what were the contributions of Dr. Jose Rizal in our History(for local readers). For some whose working or not studying history anymore we usually reminded about our national heroes when it is a non working holiday. I am happy that some people or group  thought of many idea's on how we can remind of our national heroes like Dr. Jose Rizal. I really create this blog for a little twist, I know some blog consist of life stories of Dr. Jose Rizal. I am giving the credit to the people who add a slice of Dr. Jose Rizal in our daily life. For example, below are some tee's with Rizal face it is a simple symbolism of admiration of the person whose wearing those tees and same with those accessories. 

Rizal plus Fashion

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  1. I love team Manila shirts. So patriotic! :)

  2. Hi Daphne thanks for dropping in my blog, Yah I like Team Manila too, I like their wallet/ coin purse :)