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June 13, 2011


Hi Readers!

     In everyday life we face some challenges that either we fight or flight for it. When experiencing hard time we think of something that boosting us up like thinking our family or love one for inspiration, thinking of other people who inspired us by their achievement, or any thing that help us re-think again why I need to do this? Look around you and you will see little things but it will started as inspiration. 

    Let me share to you my inspiration...We lived 25 years in a garden... just 4 side wall where you can hear the conversation of the other privacy (I mean your not safe in the eyes of gossipers) garage,,no parking space meaning only the street served as the parking area (car not safe with burglar)...and 1 bathroom...Until I saw this ad from a magazine says " AT 34 YOU STILL WAIT FOR YOUR TURN TO USE THE BATHROOM". Before I don't even bothered my self thinking to have my own house maybe because my parents own a property somewhere in the south. But lately I was inspired to have one when I read some young people(as in young pa sa akin) at their young age they already had their own cribs. If ever someday I will be given a chance to own one...this will be my INSPIRATION...

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