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June 14, 2011

Animated Photo's

 Hi Readers!

     Photography is one of my hobby, even I'm not an owner of any higher graded camera I'm still enjoying photography. In our modernistic day there is new or next level of photography I call it the moving photo's or cinemagraph. 
      When I saw those photo's (below) It remind's me of the Harry Potter movie. Those photo own by Jamie Beck. She is a New York based fashion photographer. If you want to view more of her work click here or simply visit her site I also love editing photo's using the Adobe photoshop I believe those photo's was edited and converted to GIF.

Credit to:
Jaime Beck owner of:


  1. OMG this is so cool! :)

    Followed you! :)

  2. thanks Daphne I also love your blog post.. hope this just the start of our conversation and friendship :)