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May 14, 2011

What I wore in PFW Holiday 2011

Hi Readers!

     Now I'm sharing to you guys what I wore in Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011. I knew lots of ladies would wear their dresses, long gowns, skirt, high heels, pumps or anything that something girly so I inverted my clothes. I wore something edgy, classy, masculine but still have the touch of fashionable chic. I wore layered tops. For outer layer I wore black blazer (folded the sleeves above my elbow), a white top with blue stripes for the inner top. I also wore jeggings, black pumps and a black leather bag. For accessories I wore long necklace (with pink and gold pearls and silver lining) to enhance my attire and a drop pearl earing I also wore my fave watch.

My Inspiration


  1. love how you pulled your outfit together;)

  2. Hi Glenn!Thanks so much for following my blog. It means a lot to me!It's great to know a woman of style like you. You look great by the way!Can't wait to read more of your entries. More power Glenn!

  3. @Kaye, Hi Kaye likewise thank you for following my blog. Feel free to drop by and leave your comment. I also like your blog I'll keep reading it. Take Care :)