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April 26, 2011

La Union Holy week Part I: Where we stayed

Hi Readers!

LA UNION - My family went to Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union last holy week from April 20-24. The weather is good, it was really a great day under the sun and I confessed I enjoyed the water that's why I swam all day. The place where we stayed was really fantastic. The sea water is clear and the sand is white (white sand)...and that was the best thing in this place. Sometimes we also need to spend time away from the busy life in the city and go relax somewhere else like in beaches... Below are some picture to share with you:
White sand plus clear the best in this place

The guest house where we stay..Thanks to Sir Mike, Ms. Marge and Ms. Patty.
This private rest house was just beside the sea. (The rest house was part of PHINMA)
Above was our room I shared my room with my mom, brother and my little niece.
Venice (my little niece) was the one covered in blue blanket
 (she's sleeping while I took this picture)
This was my bed just beside the window.
In this picture you can see my mom (fixing something) plus my Long Champ bag
Inside this private resort: The facilities include a basketball court
A huge tennis court
Swings (a little play ground for the kids). Not in the picture but they also have a badminton court. The resort surrounded with lots of trees many of those were mango tree's so during that vacation we ate lots of green mango plus the dizon's bagoong (lav it!!!)
A little Grotto surrounded with plants and tree's
Venice looking at the flowers
Venice looking at the Koi Fish.
The Resort was just beside the beach check the image above.

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