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February 9, 2011

My Current Beauty Regimen (February 2011)

Hi Readers!

     Hows your day? For my blog today I just want to share some of products I currently use, see the picture below:
In this picture: (left to right) Belle Purity Cotton Pads, St. Ives Peel Off Hydroxy Masque, Dove Body Wash in Moisturizing Milk and Ponds Cold Cream

Belle Purity Cotton Pads:

     I use this rectangular shape cotton pads every time I remove my make-up, sometimes I also use this while applying my toner I love this pads very usable. Available in supermarket, drugstore and department store. 
40 pieces cotton pads

St. Ives Peel-Off Hydroxy Masque:

     I have a review about this product so just read it in my next blog or click the link here .

Hydroxy Masque

Dove Body Wash in Moisturizing Milk:

     I want smooth skin...I believe in Dove..I am a long time user of this product specially the Dove Bar soap, Now I will try Body wash in Moisturizing Milk.

Ponds Cold Cream

     I am also loyal to this product the Ponds Cold Cream for removing my make-up its been long years, as I remember it was 8 years ago when I first used this product as a make-up remover and it really satisfy me. I will write a blog about this soon. about you what is your current beauty regimen?


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  1. how much is the pond's cold cream make-up remover? :)