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January 5, 2011

Second day of the Year

Hi Readers!

     We went to Mall of Asia last Sunday the 2nd day of year. It was Sunday our family day my mother, brother, my little doll and I strolled in MOA, first I thought the mall will be less with people since the Christmas was over...guys I was wrong, the place was crowded. Mall of Asia was in there Sales all boutiques was in their mark down price or maybe some people grabbed this opportunity to have bonding moments with their family since this was the last day of their vacation. Thanks God the weather last Sunday was good. I enjoyed much of the fresh air, Mall of Asia was located beside the Manila bay. For the long hour of walking in the Mall we ate twice (and now I felt that I gain too much pound). For the lunch we ate in Chowking (in ground floor beside Burger King) then for the snack we ate in KFC (east area or sunshine street). Below are some photo’s to share with you guys!
Mall of Asia Christmas attraction
Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!
Tall Christmas tree add attraction in the mall
Lego Village display
My favorite latte, blizzard, ice cream DQ (Dairy Queen)
Mall of Asia Ice skating ring
Big this! located near the ice skating ring
Polar Bear is here! Cute display near the ice skating ring
No, we are not in Disney Land, were in SM Department store.
Venice love Mickey Mouse and she want this big statue of mickey
as if this thing  is for sale.ha!ha!ha!
Lunch time..we ate in Chowking

Justin Bieber in Manila on May 10, 2011...and the ticket price..
oh expensive

"What's that Lola?" My my little doll Venice afraid in Astronaut statue
in Science Centrum my mom just gave her a big hug 

Round 2 of food: KFC chicken burger meal

if you see this steel Globe then you're already 
stepping the Mall of Asia

Happy Shopping!!

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