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January 2, 2011

How do I spent my new years eve

Hi Readers!

     Happy New Year... So hows you're day? How do you celebrate the New Year? Where do you spend the first day of 2011? For me..I spent it with my family. I have whole day bonding time with my brother's girlfriend Malou lots of stories to share or as in a gay lingo "Chikahan to the max" Thanks Malou for the time, then in the afternoon I spare little time in our store. At night or as this moment I am spending time facing my laptop again for this blog. One of my Do's this year is to have at least 100 post blog and I hope I can achieve that, I will share to you some of my list about My Do's for 2011 next time for now I'll share to you about how do I spend my new years eve.

     I decided to spent my new years eve in Veron and Mike unit somewhere in Makati. Afternoon of December 31, 2010 I spent my time with my little doll Venice in the playground. Then at night I'm just alone in the unit because my sister and little Venice joined Mike to   have there dinner in Mike's parents.    At least I have some peaceful time. Actually it was my second time to celebrate new year with Veron and Mike. Below are some photos to share: 
Spending time with little doll Venice in a playground somewhere in Makati.
The place where I spend my new years eve
The traditional fruit for the new year
( Lots of Filipino belief that it is lucky to put fruits in the
table at least 12 different kind of fruits, they say it attract
good fortune )
Makati Skyline by 11:30 p.m. of December 31, 2010
Fire works!! at 12:00 midnight or January 1, 2011
(Makati Skyline)
Welcome 2011 
God Bless us all this new year!!!

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