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November 10, 2010

FOTD: Black Beauty Protect! Hair Moisturizer

 Hi readers!

     My feature of the day is the Black Beauty Protect hair serum. Just like the face need moisturizer, our hair need moisturizer too. I love this product not only it is useful but  it is also the cheapest hair moisturizer I've found.

     “Black Beauty Protect! Hair moisturizer with UV protection has a deep moisturizing UV formula that protects your hair from damage due to exposure to the heat of the sun and moisturizes it leaves a healthy look.”

Black Beauty Protect Review:

  • These hair serums protect my hair from dryness.
  • It smells good.
  • It helps me manage my hair specially when I tied-up my hair in a ponytail (no loose hair and give a clean look)
  • If you want a shiny hair, I recommend this product
  • Cheap. For as low as P59.00 pesos or $1.38 dollar
  • Soft hair. Easy to comb hair (even the next day you can still feel the softness of  your hair.
  • Most of the hair serum was oily but after applying this on my hair, it easily absorbed by my hair, means less oily feel

So far, as I tested this product, I don’t have any negative comment to say. Just a little reminder, apply a small amount of this or don't over pump or else you will look like you applied oil on your hair. A small amount of this will do. 

I don’t have any idea if it is available in the international market. Its available in different color. For this review I purchased the Blue color.

I brought this product in Mercury Drugs for only P59.00. It is also available in SM hypermarket but they sell it for 79.00 so I recommend you to buy in Mercury Drugs Branch. This is available in all leading Department store.

In clear color hair serum

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