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August 18, 2010

Flawlessly Whitening

Hi readers!

   I'm using Flawless Whitening Toner for three months now (I started using this product only last May). The reason I purchased this product was because I want my skin to be lightened or become whiter, though I'm not really hoping for a snow white skin but I wanted a different glow. I have a morena skin (common skin type of a Filipina – medium brown color). I tried many different products that promised they will give a whiter skin but as I said they just give promises so I decided to go directly to a dermatologist. In Flawless center, the consultation fee is 300.00 (three hundred pesos) It's best to discuss to your Derma what you really want on your skin. For me, I wanted to have a lighter and glowing skin.

  On the label of this whitening toner: its promise to lighten the skin, helps restore the pH balance and minimizes the appearance of future discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

My review:

Pros: (What I like)
1. It does lighten the skin but not that noticeable.
2. Has a shiny effect on the skin but not an oily look.
3. I felt my skin became smooth
4. Affordable it only cost P 290.00 pesos or $ 6.45 dollar for 120ml.

Cons: (What I don’t like)
1. After applying, I felt a mild itchiness and harshness
2. Also after applying, my skin felt dry so I have to apply moisturizer immediately. 
3. Slow result

   Maybe three months of used was just a short span for the result, I hope before my bottle become emptied I'll see the result I wanted. But If not, I will go back to Flawless Center again but this time I will ask for a different product. I am not disappointed with Flawless Services because they have good customer service especially the front desk personnel, they respond to the client questions politely and their staff really Flawless beautiful.

Flawless Center located at 2ND Floor Mall of Asia, Megamall (for store location check their website)

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