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May 9, 2012

Fourth Sunday of April

Hi readers!

   This is the continuation of my last post which you can read hereLast Sunday after we had our lunch at Mongkok, Glorietta 5 my mom and I went to Landmark. As usual, the first section I stop by was in cosmetic area; while I check new cosmetics my mom bought some beauty essential. Then we went in the home section, I bought new coffee tumbler (11 oz size, it look like a starbucks tumbler) that cost 50 pesos only and my mom bought a new mug. After that we went to the grocery bought some food and stuff needed in our home. My feet were tired, so after grocery we ate at the food court. I chose Chatime Pearl Milk tea after I saw long line of people in front of their counter, I’m not really hungry I am only thirsty during that time and the milk tea ease my thirst away (^_^).
I used my envelope bag, pretty nu? (^_^)
Chatime Pearl Milk Tea. I'll blog my review soon.
More stories:
   That day also I watched the American Next Top Model: British Invasion and I saw Tyra Banks wearing Rajo Laurel gown check the picture below:

Tyra Bank wearing Rajo Laurel creation.
   Wow congratulation to Rajo Laurel and not only to Rajo but also to Francis Libiran who design Hello Kitty Collection that was also seen in American Next Top Model: British Invasion.

Next to my blog:

   Last April 24, I received package or a blogger’s kit from a Global Online Optical Store. Receiving a package from international optical store made my heart jump for joy, after I received it I immediately try it on. The glasses is really pretty, look classy and fashionable. I paid shipping/postal tax to the courier that cost P40.00 only. I received the item in good condition. I will blog my review about this soon. 

(^_^) Thank you for reading!