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August 11, 2011

Burberry Autumn 2011 Accessories Collection

Hi Readers!

     The first time I saw those pictures below my heart pumps over joyed and fell in love with those beautiful bags and shoes. It was release by Burberry for Autumn 2011 Accessories Collection. Oh ladies! I know you gonna love those bag and shoes....

Here's the preview of the bag collections
Ribbed Quilting Crossbody Bag

Medium Bridle Leather Hobo Bag
Large Luggage Suede Alligator Bowling Bag
Leather Wedge Lace-up Shoes
Suede Wedge Lace-Up Shoes
     To know more about this collection just visit Burberry site. Burberry is a 155 year-old global brand with a distincly British attitude - synonymous with luxury, quality, innovation and timeless style, anchored by the iconic trench coat.  Every aspect of the brand has evolved with a modern and pure expression that retains the original values and heritage of the house, founded in 1856.

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2. Burberry Webpage (Info)


  1. Screeeech!!!! Love the collections! Grabe, I like the second bag and the suede wedge lace up shoes! Can I just dream that when I say I like, they're mine for the taking na...pwede ba yon, hahaha! Thanks for sharing! The styles are something to watch out for! - Mar

  2. I have a bag that has the same look as the Prorsum. Haha I'd love to have the Large Luggage Suede Alligator Bowling Bag. It's so nice!!! :-)

  3. Hi Mar, ako din kung pwede lang akin na lahat yang Burberry na yan...

    Hi Angel wow you have look like Prorsum so you love leather din, I have leather bags too, yes I also like Large Luggage Suede Alligator Bowling Bag.

    Thanks for dropping by guys :)