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August 10, 2011

Glamorous, Flirty and Thirty plus!

Hi Readers!

    It's my birthday today!!! Yes my zodiac sign is Leo and celebrating with me, it is also birth day of Devon Aoki (Sin City), Antonio Banderas(Mask of Zorro), Justin Theroux(movie actor), Patti Austin(R&B Singer) and Mel Tiangco (News Anchor of 24 Oras).

     When someone ask me how old I'am, I just answer back "Age is just a number" then I smile. Honestly I'm in the age of thirties. Oh yes 30's and I'am....single, happy, bubbly, fabulous, flirty and virgin.... :). At this age I already explored things but I'm still not contented, I still have this big space to learn more...I became matured through all the good and bad experienced. At 30's I still feel the emptiness and lots of my friends know what is that emptiness is...It is a search of someone who can be with me in reality and not just a prince charming who just give fantasy and imagination. At age 30's I'm still climbing in the middle of  a mountain where I want to reach the top of it. 

    Today when I open my facebook it was flooded with birthday greetings and messages, thank you very much to all my friends and relatives. This morning I also received a message thru yahoo messenger from someone :)

Thank you to all the messages. I love you all!!!!

     I just wish of good health for me and my family. And lord please wala munang white hair :) ha!ha!ha!  (luckily I still don't find any strand of white hair that's why I do not color my hair). Lord please guide me to my next journey.

I'll leave this song..It was really inspiring and motivating as well :)


  1. happy birthday Glenn! I am also a LEO! :)

  2. Hi Dara thanks for dropping by and thanks for the greeting. When is our birthday? Ang mga Leo daw magaganda, totoo nga yata, because were both pretty :)