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July 26, 2011

One day Two Malls

Hi Readers!

     Finally I'm back and blogging again :) Last week I was busy retrieving back all the lost images here in Gencified. I learned so many lesson (talagang naloka ako last week grabe!!) first always keep a files of all the pictures and second read first the instructions before you click your mouse or else if you don't notice what are you clicking you might lost or deleted your files. Actually I'm not done yet I only retrieved 60% of the images maybe I can complete it by next week.  
     So hows your weekend? Last Saturday my sister and I went to Alabang Town Center (ATC). My sister visited one of their branch and while waiting for her I strolled around. First I thought ATC was small but I was wrong the place was huge (sa labas kasi parang maliit na mall lang). I saw Accessorize, Tesoro, Bench, Fino Leather, TopShop, VMV Hypoallergenic, NBS, Girlshoppe, Rustan, TGIF, Breadtalk and more...Check the images below:

ATC Activity Center
VMV Hypoallergenic Lipsticks...I lav it!
 I love Copa Colored Lipstick very pinkish (right side in the lower corner)
Mini Stapler. I found this in National Bookstore. Nice packaging, and.....
kasing laki lang siya ng small finger ko..Cute Noh!!! cost around P40.00 plus+
We ate in Mc Donald, I brought my water bottle.
 I never drink any soda or artificial juices for health reason.
     After Alabang Town Center I went to Landmark, Makati while my sister went to Bonifacio High Street. My first stop was in Glorietta, I watch a show in Activity center. I saw Sam Oh and Chef  Sau check the image below:

In the stage was Chef Sau
cooking demo
     Then I went to Landmark, I went straightly to cosmetic section. I bought some personal vanity (just check my next blog for this month vanity (oopss!!I know this is so late.). Finally I bought my first kabuki brush (more info about this in my next blog :). 

My first Kabuki brush. I bought this in Landmark, Makati

So those were my activities last Saturday how about you? where have you been last weekend?


  1. OMG you were in Glorietta?? I was there too! Too bad we weren't able to see each other :( maybe next time :)

  2. Hi Alice :) sayang sana na meet kita in person..sige next time hope too see you :)

  3. This is is such a good place to shop! I hope to be there too. :-)

    I hope you could also get to visit Abreeza Ayala Mall here in Davao City someday. It's one of our best malls. :-)

  4. Yung pic mo ng ATC looks like Robinson's Place Manila. I dunno, maybe its just me :))

  5. Hi Angel kamusta? Gusto ko nga rin ma visit ang Abreeza siguro someday kapag nagawi ako dyan sa Davao :)

    Hi Ria kamusta? Alabang Town Center yan oo nga may pagkahawig yong place. Pero mas malaki ang Robinson Place Manila dyan:)

  6. you love vmv products? i've checked out that sunblock you used with high spf... it's so expensive. hehe. but their products look promising. very simple packagings :) but to shy to try kasi meh kamahalan :D

  7. @ Tessa - Hi dear yes some VMV product was expensive but for me it worth it kasi Hypoallergenic ang product nila. They have sales naman perhaps you can try atleast 1 of their product.